Our Customers Say...

“I like EZ bricks because they are so clean. I would not want to go back to firewood. They are so much warmer than other types of heating.  We save on heating cost by using EZ Bricks.
 Judy - Grafton

“I like the EZ Brick because I can hold fires over night in my stove, which I cannot do with firewood.  They are so clean compared to firewood and much more economical compared to several other fuels.”
Ron – North Ridgeville

‘We have been using the ECO Brick and EZ Brick for 3 years and we love them.  We store them in the garage attached to the house.  No bugs, dirt, always dry and less mess.  We would never go back to cutting, hauling and stacking firewood.  These are great for us because we cannot do any of that anymore.”
Crystal - Wellington