Advantages of Green Fuel

Everyone wants to be better stewards of the environment. However, even burning wood can leave a carbon footprint. The deforestation of our world leads to less oxygen to breathe, as well as the destruction of many species, environments.


That's why all of the products that Green Fuel Today sells are made with recycled materials. Many of our products are created using sawdust, and other wood byproducts, taking waste and creating a viable product. The eco-advantages do not stop there.


Green Fuel Today's products also are clean burning, meaning less harmful chemicals being released into our environment. In addition, our products are easily stored, and less messy than traditional firewood.


Also our products burn longer, and hotter than your typical firewood, all for a less expensive price. Contact us to talk to one of our associates so we can recommend the best product to fit your needs. In fact, you can save hundreds of dollars per year over some other fuels - fuel oil, propane and electric heat.