About Green Fuel Today

At Green Fuel Today, our goal is to provide our customers with the best, eco-friendly heating products for your home or business. Our products are made with recycled materials that eliminate waste, keeping our environment clean. Our products have been used and tested by our staff, and we stand behind each product, helping you determine which products are best for your heating needs.  If you are interested in learning more about our company please contact us by using the information on our "contact us" page.


In an age of clearcutting, air pollution, toxic groundwater, and dwindling fossil fuels, it is time to look at what we already produce as sources for more sustainable energy.

Biomass feedstocks can be used to manufacture all of the fuels and chemicals currently being manufactured from fossil fuels. "Feedstock" is any organic matter available on a renewable basis for conversion to energy, including wood and logging residues (sawdust, bark, and edgings), farm animal wastes, the organic portion of municipal solid waste (MSW), municipal biosolids (sewage), and certain types of industrial wastes. Biomass fuels, or biofuels, are solid, liquid or gas fuels derived from feedstock. In Ohio, this is primarily landfill-to-gas methane, biodiesel auto fuel from soybeans, and ethanol-blend gasoline from corn. And unlike fossil fuels, which take millions of years to reach a usable form, waste biomass is an energy source that can close the loop on many of our recycling and hazardous waste problems.


Our Customer Say -

“I like EZ bricks because they are so clean. I would not want to go back to firewood. They are so much warmer than other types of heating. We save on heating cost by using EZ Bricks.
Judy - Grafton

We have been burning a wood stove for 30 years,my chimney sweep suggested we try Ez Bricks , reasons being- cost- clean burning- easy to stack and no bugs.  Tried it 3 years ago and he was absolutely correct.  Unless something better comes along this is the fuel I will continue to use.  Try it you won't go wrong!
Ron and Deb from Seven Hills

We have been using Ez Bricks for eight years and love them.  The bricks burn longer, hotter and cleaner.  We had used wood from time to time and it is a noticeable difference.  We will continue to use as long as we have an insert.

Randy and Renee


Burns cleaner than firewood and does not clog up the flow. The Ez Brick is much easier to handle than the firewood.